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Tuesday I took off from work early to take care of some things at the bank...except I got to the bank 5min before it closed...and it was closed.... So I went to the gym 3 hours earlier then I usually do.

I started working on my double leg, just shooting over and over again, its coming along better now, wrapped my hands did some footwork drills/shadowboxed... did a few rounds on the heavy bag, Jumped into a boxing "class" its more of like a Boxercise class that the gym runs for people to get into shape, not really technique based but a good workout, did that for half the class then got ready for BJJ, rolled and got my butt kicked (i hate training in a Gi), then took boxing team training...where I basically broke down, We went straight into doing rounds, I sparred this kid, who isn't very good, but I couldn't do was like i was afraid to get hit or something, i was backing up and getting smashed against the ropes...and its the 2nd time ive done this against him... and the first time was HIS first time sparring...

I was ready to quit after that, I took my gloves and headgear off, weighed myself (lost 5lbs that day 242-237 still at 237.5) and took off, i was pissed i still am pissed... I hate boxing. plain and simple.

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