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How does Matt Lindland beat Fedor?

1) Lindland could stab him a couple of times before hand, but that might just make him mad.

2) Lindland could shoot him, but it wouldn't surprise me if Fedor got right up and threw a kimura on him.

3) Lindland could kick him in the balls, but it would probably just shatter Lindland's shin.

4) Lindland could drug Fedor, but I doubt drugs would have any effect on Fedor.

5) Lindland could take steroids, but honestly, I doubt it would make a difference.

6) Lindland could try to capitalize on the weak points of Fedor's game, but, let's face it, Fedor doesn't have any weak points.

7) Lindland could try and cut Fedor, but Fedor's blood might burn Lindland's flesh until he was lying in the middle of the ring like the Wicked Witch of the West screaming "I'M MELTING!"

I really don't see Lindland winning this fight either.

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