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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
Wow, when did vbookie revert back to being able to bet on both fighters/teams.

Do I really need to explain how incredibly pointless this makes vbookie?

There is no situation in which I will ever lose points again, no matter what.

What exactly is the fun or point of betting if you can bet on both sides and work the odds no matter what the outcome.

Well I guess I shall wave goodbye to one of the reasons I got into this forum in the first place: a fun place to bet and chat about odds.

I know points mean nothing, but I would love an explanation as to why this got changed back (I realize it may have happened a while ago but I didn't notice; I assumed no one would be crazy enough to impliment this again). Shouldn't there be some challaenge in betting?

Shouldn't there be at least a bit of a challenge? Does anyone actually enjoy bettong on both sides and racking up easy points?
Lol @ the 30 mn rant..

There's been a mistake in the setting of the vbookies for the past few weeks. It's just a button that's checked by default in the vbookie form and that needs to be unchecked before posting it.

As simple as that. No ill intentions or conzparacyyy to winz credits!!!!

Thank you for bringing it up. I'll see if I can fix it for the current vbookies.

Now you can go off your computer for a min because there's something very important you need to change:

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