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Originally Posted by JudoChop View Post
hey guys sorry but I really need to ask a question to someone via PM and I cant.


is there any other way, because im sure getting 50 via spam is not allowed in this forum and I dont want to break any rules.

okay seriously i stop now lol.

Fine, i'll ask the question here and hopefully someone will reply =]. I have a judo tournament coming up in two weeks. And was wondering, how can I squeeze as much out of myself as Ican in these final two weeks? I dont want a "dont overtrain" answer because my body can handle it i think, and I want to know a hardcore routine i can do before tournaments to give me that extra "edge" kinda thing -D
If you know anybody who competes regularly, or if you have a number for your sensei, you could ask them.

Welcome to the forum, BTW.

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