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My Fight Story, please give feedback.

ok so i got into a fight, before i was ever into mma.
me, being a street fighter, threw flurries of hooks,
didn't guard my face, had a bad stance, didnt jab at all.

and my opponent, a well trained boxer, knew how to counter them, by beating my hooks with a quicker jab.

he is skinnier than me, but has longer reach.
i am stronger but he was just better trained.

after he tagged me to the point where i was dazed,
i changed my gameplan instead of rushing in with hooks i waited, when he stepped in with his jab id step back and throw a hook when he entered my area.

now i know not to throw hooks, without setting it up.

dont get me wrong, although i was untrained, i grew up with the street fighter mentality, never back down, win lose or draw.

now that im in MMA training which i attend twice a week, i train hard everytime, trying to improve so next time if i fight him again, ill turn the tables on him

ever since that fight, ive been training my kicks, noticing how low kicks are so very effective against boxers.

what other things should i train on to defeat this boxer.
and what should i watch out for.

his strengths are, speed, strength, and reach.

i kno im stronger, but i kno not to swing wildly now, and use kicks help close the gap.

my game plan is to low kick him, then set him up with a fake kick punch to the face.

my fellow fighters, i really appreciate those whove read this, and please give me your feeedback, is will me greatly appreciated and absorbed like a sponge in water.

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