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Originally Posted by Spoken812 View Post
I went to the club last night with my best friend, his girlfriend and his girlfriends sister (not by blood so we're all almost exactly the same age).

The sister was married, so I was willing to dance with other girls because hey.. she's married, right?

NO! Last night, from 11pm to about 3am, we were at the club and she was grinding on me, doing stuff in the club that she should only have reserved for her husband. A couple times we'd split off and dance with other people, but we always got back together.

Towards the end of the night things got really intense.. but we didn't actually have sex. Now, I tell you all of that to tell you this. Her husband is a marine and he's oversea's right now in afghanistan (not for the army though, weird eh?) and he's coming back soon... Shoooooooould I be worried?

I mean, I'm training to fight and everything.. but that's a marine..

EDIT: And I said it before, but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIT!
I don't see why you should worry, because it's her husband, not yours. She should worry and for a good reason. Why get married if you're gonna do sh*t like that??? People like that disgust me.

And if he goes after you, which he shouldn't, talk your way out of it. She came after you, so it's her problem, not yours. You're not in the wrong, IMO, she is. Even though you knew she's married, you don't have to have responsibility for other adults.

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