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Want to start MMA need help!

Hey im a new user to this forum but have come on here for a long time to see your opinions and advice on training an nutrition along with general MMA of course.

Now for my question. im a long time mma fan and always wanted to take it up as my main sport the only problem for me is that i where i live has yet to find mma as there is no bjj classes or anything like that here,all we have is boxing and kickboxing clubs which i want to join. My main problem is transport as the nearest mma gym available is aproximetly 2.5 hours away from where i live and i cant drive and have limited finances as im only 18 and a student.Im wondering is it possible to train yourself for mma competion and learn techniques?And also what would be better to take up Boxing or kickboxing in terms or trying to use them in mma?

Here just some background info on me im 18 and have an extremely athletic background ranging from playing football(soccer),Rugby and cross country running mainly being successful in Rugby an soccer.Im not sure if any of this helps but just in case.

So if you give me your opinions on this it would be greatly appreciated thanks for your time
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