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Originally Posted by Gman
I can understand why someone would think Tyson wasn't a "boxer" in the traditional sense, but anyone who knows boxing would know that in his prime, Tyson's techinique was flawless in the ring, and rarely was he even hit cleanly. As I pointed out early on, Tyson was a master of the unorthodox "peek-a-boo" style of boxing, which frustrated and confused most of his opponents. Tyson never had trouble with boxing purists, he only showed some vulnerability when he fought very tall boxers with long reach advantages (Tyson is short for a heavyweight, and gave up a reach advantage to just about EVERY opponent he ever fought).

Also, to say he fought NOBODY is just nonsense. In reality, he fought everyone who came up for him in his division at the time. He unified the splintered heavyweight title for the first time in many years, and had to defeat 3 current champions to do that. These men weren't just lay-down punks either; Tony Tucker, James "Bonecrusher" Smith, and Trevor Berbick were all well-regarded boxers at that time. No, they weren't Ali-calibre champions, but they weren't bums.

Here's a list of Tyson's opponents in or around his prime:

Mar. 6 -- Hector Mercedes, Albany, N.Y., TKO 1
Apr. 10 -- Trent Singleton, Albany, N.Y., TKO 1
May 23 -- Don Halpern, Albany, N.Y., KO 4
June 20 -- Rick Spain, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
July 11 -- John Alderson, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 2
July 19 -- Larry Sims, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., KO 3
Aug. 15 -- Lorenzo Canady, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 1
Sept. 5 -- Michael Johnson, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
Oct. 9 -- Donnie Long, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
Oct. 25 -- Robert Colay, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
Nov. 1 -- Sterling Benjamin, Latham, N.Y., TKO 1
Nov. 13 -- Eddie Richardson, Houston, KO 1
Nov. 22 -- Conroy Nelson, Latham, N.Y., KO 2
Dec. 6 -- Sammy Scaff, New York, KO 1
Dec. 27 -- Mark Young, Latham, N.Y., KO 1

Jan. 10 -- Dave Jaco, Albany, N.Y., TKO 1
Jan. 24 -- Mike Jamison, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 5
Feb. 16 -- Jesse Ferguson, Troy, N.Y., W DSQ 6
Mar. 10 -- Steve Zouski, Uniondale, N.Y., KO 3
May 3 -- James Tillis, Glen Falls, N.Y., W 10
May 20 -- Mitch Green, New York, W 10
June 13 -- Reggie Gross, New York, TKO 1
June 28 -- William Hosea, Troy, N.Y., KO 1
July 11 -- Lorenzo Boyd, Swan Lake, N.Y., KO 2
July 26 -- Marvis Frazier, Glen Falls, N.Y., KO 1
Aug. 17 -- Jose Ribalta, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 10
Sept. 6 -- Alfonzo Ratliff, Las Vegas, KO 2
Nov. 22 -- Trevor Berbick, Las Vegas, TKO 2
(Won WBC Heavyweight Title)

Mar.7 -- James Smith, Las Vegas, W 12
(Won WBA Heavyweight Title/Retained WBC Heavyweight Title)
May 30 -- Pinklon Thomas, Las Vegas, TKO 6
(Retained WBA/WBC Heavyweight Titles)
Aug. 1 -- Tony Tucker, Las Vegas, W 12
(Won IBF Heavyweight Title/Retained WBA/WBC Heavyweight Titles/Became Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion)
Oct. 16 -- Tyrell Biggs, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 7
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)

Jan. 22 -- Larry Holmes, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 4
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)
Mar. 21 -- Tony Tubbs, Tokyo, Japan, TKO 2
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)
June 27 -- Michael Spinks, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1
(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)
hmm 35 fights.. in 4 years.. how many boxers or MMA artists have that many fights in thier entire carears.. true some do.. but in 4 years.. and only 12 of those fights going past the 2nd round.. Thats just incredibleall these people were trying to knock down the champ he was fighting more then 2 fights a month some years.. thats little or no prep time for the next opponent..

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