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Originally Posted by Matchstick
I am very new to martial arts, but if you correctly attack at a pressure point I do not believe that anybody would have it in them to pound. I study a bit hapkido also, and when executed correctly it's a tap out at about 5-15%, depending on the opponent. If it was executed at 100% i believe it would break and put life long effectes on the opponent, if not terminate them. I believe that is why a lot of it is "illegal" in the sport. Now my master is in his 60's and started at the age of 4. he holds 9th degree in TKD, Judo, and Hapkido and grew up in Korea. There are a few instructors under him in there 30's, which are very very talented. So maybe it's intemidation, but in the end they are all really good. We have Muay Thai boxing also which is really fun to watch. No disrespect but in the end pressure points drop people fast. Just like a punch or kick to the back coming in of the jaw, anybody can knock somebody out with that if landed correctly. I feel it's all a matter of technic.
I never said a preassure point would not work.. but against a fighter of equal skill it is really hard to employ a preassure point. against an average street attacker or your freinds messing around.. you can probably do it all day. trust me I am a huge fan of preassure points and have used them in a real fight and when I was working as a bouncer for a short stint to control unruly people some who were bigger then me. Granted I used some of the minor ones but they were highly effective.. just in an MMA fight they are not very practical and would be hard to employ in many cases. biggest reason.. your opponent is ready and facing you.. in a street fight your attacker in most cases is so focused on his attack or looking around for witnesses that it can actualy give you a major advantage and oppurtunity.

oh and I like the quote

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