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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
You really don't like Dan Henderson? wow....
Nah, don't like him. Find him boring to watch, doesn't have a particularly interesting personality, and there's just something about him that annoys me.

Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Cain "pillow hands glass jaw" Velasquez
Hmm, pillow hands is fair enough I guess, but glass jaw? Not exactly sure how taking some heavy shots from a guy like Kongo clean on the jaw and still having the presence of mind to take the guy down constitutes a glass jaw. He's never been knocked out, and seemed to recover his senses pretty damn quickly after taking those shots from Kongo. I always thought the term glass jaw was used to describe someone who is knocked out seemingly easily, Andrei Arlovski for example. Not sure I agree with Cain being put in that category. He is majorly over-rated though, and the Cain bandwagon is a bit annoying.

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