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Freak cut. That's it. That's the only way it's going to happen (frankly pretty much almost any opponent, not just Lindland). But let's examine all the other possibilities anyway:

1) Knockout - No. 'Fedor has an iron chin' + 'Lindland doesn't have heavy hands' == Not happening.
2) TKO - No. This would assume Fedor either getting pummeled in the corner (is it in a ring?) and not fighting back or Matt Lindland Ground n Pounding Fedor until the ref stops it. Neither one of those is going to happen
3) Submission - No. Fedor is NOT getting submitted. In my mind either one of the Nogueiras has a better chance of being submitted than Fedor and those guys are impossible to submit.
4) Decision - Did you hear the one about the russian judge that ruled against Fedor in a fight? Me neither.

Fedor is at least as good and generally better than Matt at every single aspect of MMA imaginable. Plus he's bigger. Plus he holds all the intangibles.

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