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Originally Posted by SpartanElite_MX
You Fedor nuthuggers really need to stop. You worship this guy like he's invincible, like he's god, its really pathetic, anyone can beat anyone, a lucky shot, a solid punch, an accurate kick, is all any fighter needs to be defeated, and Fedor winning by decision doesnt mean anything.

Sooo he had the most aggresive attiude in the fight, "lets give him the win", dont forget he was the champion, that counts a lot to decide close fights. I myself am a Fedor fanboy AND a Mirko fanboy and I recognize them as possibly the best 2 fighters of the world, anyone can beat the other one, Im not blinded by either of them, so stop saying "OMG Fedor already beat CC , CC doesnt stand a chance against Fedor "god" emelianenko, he's invicinble", you sound retarded. I have seen most of Fedor's fights and see how, 90% of the fight he has control of it, theyre playing by his rules, in that fight against Mirko , CC was able to land good punches against him, one nearly throws him to the floor but he was able to recover very quickly, that doesnt mean that if they fight again he will react the same.
Not many people are saying Mirko CANT win they just think its ridiculous this many people are saying he WILL win. If your going to vote for Mirko based on the fact he could get a lucky shot thats pretty silly if you ask me. IMO no one really has any reason to vote Cro Cop over Fedor.

And have you noticed almost none of the people voting for Mirko are posting in the thread and stating their opinions. This leads me to believe most of the people voting for him are newbs.

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