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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
shin splints are no joke have you tried some lower impact stuff for a couple days? I know a few people with them . Delayed onset muscle soreness could be the problem but be careful SWP untreated shin splints can lead to a stress reaction mid-shaft in the tibia, which can eventually lead to a stress fracture. If you run try running on your toes or roll heel to toe.
I did not add running to my workouts last week after Tuesday, just did MMA standup (pad work, bag drills, shadowboxing, some jump rope) for that very reason. You are quite right re: the possibility of injury, that's why I didn't run more this past week and iced a lot.

I didn't have to take any aspirin before I ran today, which is a good sign. I imagine I'll be icing them tonight anyway, b/c my instructor loves jump rope.

I am talking the small swplet through tying her belt. Our current dojo ties it differently than our TKD dojang. She takes karate in one part of a giant room and I take kickboxing in another, and if she catches me smiling at her she makes a Diego mean face LMAO!

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