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Originally Posted by Damone View Post
I think Hirota did show up. Aoki is just too good at attaching himself to people. Hirota didn't even know what to do. I thought the fight would've been way more competitive. Damn, Aoki is a beast (Though, I knew this).

Sengoku judges are.....special. There's the Omigawa vs Hioki decision, which was terrible. So terrible that Omigawa called them out on it.

Also, good call on the Living Dead Korean Zombie Man vs Kanehara fight, ZeroPride. Really fun fight. Then again, I love me some Chan Sung Jung. Such a good grappler.

The Japanese MMA scene have some awesome 145'er's.
Thats the thing with Aoki. You leave one tiny tiny chink in your armor and your subbed. Alot of people thought it would be more competitive but as soon as Aoki had his arm everyone knew or should have known it was over. Wasnt expecting Aoki to be so brutal though.

Dont even get me started on that Omigawa win. I think hes giving up the belt so he can fight in new J-Rock promotion though. I hope so atleast. The judging is going to be the downfall of SRC if it hasnt already

Word. Thought the winner was iffy at first but honestly after watching it a few times it could have gone either way. I was really disappionted The KZ wasnt on the NYE card but should be on the next one though

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****en asd
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