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Originally Posted by jdun11
I dont think he would rip through AA and Sylvia either but I think he would win. Compared to Hunt Alek's is a ground wizard. He actually has impressive Sambo credentials, I think he could submit Hunt. And my list isnt a p4p list its basically the seedings of a 10 man open weight tourney. Basically A list of the 10 tuffest mofo's regardless of size. But the thing is size is very important in MMA now adays. It isnt 1995, you wont see 175 pound guys beating 250 pounders anymore. The big guys are too skilled. So thats the reason my list is mostly HW's.
Yeah, I got the impression you thought that Aleks would tear through AA and Sylvia, because you didn't really go into detail about it. Aleks does have ground credentials but he doesn't really use them in his fights. Thus I think he would want to stand and trade with Hunt, where he would eventually gas and get picked apart.

He would probably bang with Sylvia too. I see this fight going either of these three ways:

1. They stand and trade on the feet, with Aleks getting the better and getting the KO/TKO.

2. They stand and trade for a round or two, with neither getting to much damage, and then Aleks gasses and Sylvia wins a decision or aleks gasses and Sylvia gets a late KO/TKO.

3. Sylvia takes him down from the start, wears him out for a round, and then they begin trading and Sylvia gets the better.

In the fight against AA, I have already said that I would think that AA would be smart and take him down and expose him their. But if the decide to trade, it could go either way.

Yeah basically the main faults I see in Aleks are that he gasses and he doesn't use his supposed "awesome" ground game. But as you said he is young, and I am sure he will develop into a great fighter one day.

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