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workout 1:
20 minutes stretching
25 minute run on tredmill (its ****ing cold outside, damn north dakota)

workout 2:
5 minute run (warm up)
10 pullups
30 crunches
15 45lb kettlebell swings
20 50lb military press
10 50lb bicep curl
15 50lb squat
repeat 3 times

i should also note that i wasnt totally out of training...just not not in amazing shape like i used to be...but still able to atleast do something...


2 apples, a banana, 5 eggs sunny side up

snack: protein shake (20g protein)

lunch: 2 tall glasses milk, beef stew, an orange

snack: 2 tall glasses milk, 5 eggs

dinner: 3 chicken breasts, tall glass of milk

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