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  1. Semmy Schilt (4X K-1 Superheavyweight Champion*, 4X K-4 Grand Prix Champion*)
  2. Ernesto Hoost (4X K-1 Grand Prix Champion, 2X K-2 Grand Prix Champion, 1X K-1 Grand Prix Runner-Up)
  3. Peter Aerts (3X K-1 Grand Prix Champion, 2X K-1 Grand Prix Runner-Up)
  4. Remy Bojansky (3X K-1 Grand Prix Champion)
  5. Andy Hug (1X K-1 Grand Prix Champion, 2X K-1 Grand Prix Runner-Up

* - Still holds these positions.

Originally Posted by Floken View Post
Ok Semmy is the best of all time, without a doubt, the man owns the WGP.
Yeah. He holds the

Originally Posted by King JLB View Post
Well it can be argued that his height is his best friend. I would like to know how far he'd go if he was 6 inches shorter...

That being said, I know HMC is taller and not nearly as good, but I still feel that Semmy wouldn't be ranked as highly if he didn't have such a tremendous reach advantage. He is a great fighter, but is he as technically skilled as Hoost? Hug? Aerts?
Everyone fights to their strengths.

There are advantages to being shorter. At his heigh, Schilt can't weave effective, so getting into the mix like Hoost, and trying to move like Hoost, would be a terrible idea.

Schilt knows how to use his length effectively, and he knows how to land his punches.

Aerts had fantastic one-shot power, and he used it. This isn't a gift that Semmy has. Aerts had a number of fights throughout his career where he came out and put his opponent away in under two minutes. Schilt does it about once a year (well, he's done it in his last three fights, but it's not a consistent trend throughout his career the way it is for Aerts).

If Semmy was short, he'd be a totally different fighter. Hell, maybe he'd be Mark Hunt. But it's not really important. He's tall, and he's good at being tall.

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