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Originally Posted by Gman
Amateurs do it, but very rarely do pros. Especially heavyweights.

Tyson was able to stay so active mainly because in the early days, he was hardly ever hit! He stayed in motion constantly, and it was an achievement for a guy to land a clean jab, let alone a power shot.

I love it when people say he was only good because he didn't fight anyone good. Most people don't know the names of the men he fought because Tyson beat them so easily, many of them didn't fight again until AFTER Tyson was defeated, or lost all their confidence and were never the same. For instance, Trevor Berbick, who Tyson KO'd in the 2nd round, was a silver medalist in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal (winning silver after only 11 amateur fights at that time), and secured a title shot against Larry Holmes on April 11, 1981 but lost via 15-Round Unanimous decision. In his second fight after the loss to Holmes, he beat an aged Muhammad Ali to secure his place in history as the man who finally ended the career of "The Greatest". He won the WBC version of the World Heavyweight title by upsetting Pinklon Thomas via Unanimous Decision on March 22, 1986. This guy was no slouch, yet Tyson clean the ring with him, which no one had done previous to that. Berbick was never the same after Tyson, and ended his career in 2000 with a professional record is 50 wins (33 Knockouts), 11 losses, and 1 draw.
true I was pretty young then but I seen some of tyosns fights.. I remember several one punch KO's

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