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Originally Posted by illmatic View Post
I do early morning prep and short order cooking in a restaurant usually 7-8 hour days. It's for the most part pretty relaxed but I am standing and moving around all day so it makes training a task sometimes. I can't imagine training after 11 hour days with any consistency.

What's your goal from training? You want to fight? Unless you're able to cut back hours, I'd focus on one particular aspect for the time being, ie conditioning, muay thai, or bjj.

Other than that all I can say is nap between work and training. I have a very hard time getting proper sleep because training often ends around 9pm and my body and mind don't wind down until 1 or 2 am, and then I'm up at 6:30 to go to work. I've used caffeine to work around this but my body seems to be really bad at handling it because it can leave me unable to sleep and it becomes a vicious cycle. I've pretty much developed mild insomnia. It's not an easy road.
I wanna fight.. Thats my goal.. I´m up at 5am Only advantage is that Im home usually at 4pm. So I can take a nap before training. I do that every time we have a basketball match. Sometimes for a training.

Funny part is that doctors told me recently that I have "disc herniation". It doesnt need operation right know but they told me to do basketball, weight lifting, not mention Martial arts )) I do not care - my back hurts, but I need to overcome it.. I will strengthen my core so much, that I will be able to train and do sport even with that problem..

We will see, my goal is at least one mma fight until the end of this year 2010.
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