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Ok so since the last post "stuff happened" and now on too present time...

We started a Strength and Conditioning class on sundays back in January, but it was early enough that my lazy ass couldn't get outta bed early enough to make it...So i made myself go yesterday and wow did it suck, like suck in a good way.

there where 3 stations and each station had a handfull of different things to do.

Station 1: Deadlifts, Pullups, Hammer/Tire, some Balance thing. you do each one for a minute, and you did 3 sets, i didn't think i could keep going after this one with only getting 2min for a break.

Station 2: This one was a little weird, we would stand with one foot on this balance pad thing and throw a medicine ball with our opposite hand to our partner who was doing the same thing, my feet where really cramping up.

Then one person would use the stability ball and do the plank, while the other person would do Alligator crawls (good for getting knee on belly while in side control) down and back on the mat.

Then it was Pushups with the medicine ball any way you wanted and then any core exersice. for the same amount of time as station one.

Station 3: Kettlebells....

Lunges with the kettlebells, then Squats with a thrust at the end, Then Up-pulls? i think thats what he called them, and then the kettlebell swings, this one sucked the most my body was on fire for this.

over all it was really good, and will have to make sure my fatass gets outta bed to get to this every week.

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