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never got to logging yesterday...valentines and whatnot..lets just say exercise was made :P

todays log...
workout 1: 10 minutes stretching
1 hour run

workout 2: 1 hour basketball pickup game

workout 3: circuit
20 pushups
20 squats (60 pounds)
10 pull ups
15 kettlebell swings (45 pounds)
1:20 plank
repeat 5 times, failed on the plank after about 50 seconds on the last set

edit: workout 4, got bored and decided why not
4 sets of 100 steps on homemade tredmill at high intensity
3 5 minute rounds on the heavybag working the jab/lead leg kick, jab/lead hook, jab/cross, jab/jab/cross, jab/fake cross/rear leg kick
finished with a set of pushups to failure at 33

breakfast: 2 glasses milk, brown rice and a couple oranges
snack: protein shake (20g)
lunch: tater tot hotdish, 2 pints milk ( lunch whatcha gunna do...)
snack: protein shake (20g)+vitamin b6 supplement
dinner: 3 chicken breasts, green beans, a potato, glass of milk

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