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Muay Thai/MMA

Skipping, went straight to combos. My favourite and one I'm going to try to incorporate is superman jab + straight left, also superman jab + straight left + left head kick. Mean. Sparred boxing. Did average, crappy endurance.

MMA was all wrestling. Shadowing takedowns, practicing take downs, a move where they sprawl on you and you pivot around them to be on the back, then a variation to take them into side control. Also getting out of being caught under a sprawl. Because I'm watching my knee I didn't spar takedowns today, however I roll. Was doing alright, until in a scramble the guy kind of fell on my leg weird and my knee just shot with pain. I don't know how this is going to work as far as getting it better.

So as far as the fight thing goes, talked to Kajan about it and he's pulling me out of it. This is why

If you're too lazy to click the link I'll explain here. It's tournament form meaning multiple fights in a night. It's only one 3 minute round a fight. You get stood up if you're on the ground for longer than 30 seconds. The same event earlier this month had people dropping out, ruining the tournament laid out because it often meant a guy who has fought twice in a night had to fight a guy that only fought once. Completely unfair. To be quite honest this is stone age mma, there's a reason the ufc stopped doing it like this like 10 years ago. On top of this they mentioned one of my teammates entering my weight class for the tournament so we'd possibly fighting, which is okay I suppose but it makes it really hard to train around him.

Kajan said he can try to get me on a card April 17th in vernon, same event I fought at for my first. Sounds good, just sucks it's far away again. However he said I could also fight May 29th at an event being hosted by our gym. Much better because it's close by and it'll be my training partners premiere fight after his return from thailand.
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