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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
I think that it depends onthe person, not in that some people are naturally pre-dsposed to fighting skill or athleticism, that's unrelated to which form of fighting is harder IMO.

I think it has more to do with how your brain is wired. When it comes to ground, everything is tremendously technical. Moving, shifting weight, planting feet, rolling on angles. And that's just gaining position. Incorporate subs and you add another layer of complexity of technical motion.

When it comes to striking. Its much more of a fluid motion relying much more heavily on the imaginative side of the brain, instead of the technical. (Right or left, can't remember which is which) Striking does have a lot of technical movements, footwork and such, but you have to be able to improvisize and react much more often than anything else.

That's just my opinion. Tell me I'm dumb or wrong, whatever you feel.

Well put. I totally agree....boxing ive always had to force myself to learn and pay very close attention to what i was doing, Its more like dancing or playing an instrument, you just have to feel it out and learn for yourself, nobody can really "teach" you nice clean striking. I have more of a technical engineering brain and wrestling and grappling just sort of came naturally when i started it up. Just by me watching i learned a lot. Not that i am great at it, I have many years of practice to go, but I just have a way of seeing and understand the things i am taught. Like it has been said it depends on the person. Its like engineering vs art...can be very similar but take a totally different mindset

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