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workout 1: 15 minutes stretching
10 sets of 20 second high intensity sprints, 1:30 in between each set

workout 2: 2 hours tae kwon do later today, not sure what we're going over today though to be honest...

breakfast: three pieces cold pizza (out of eggs ) and a cup of green tea
snack: protein shake (50g)
lunch: 2 chicken breasts, glass of milk
snack: protein shake (20g)+vitamin b6 supplement
dinner: hasnt happened yet..will post it later

got into a fight earlier today, kid was spittin shit and then threatened to knock my teeth out, got in his face and asked him if he really wanted to try that(kid has been pissing me off for months now, big 250 pound fatass who tries to act tough and has nothing to back it up), tried to shoulder throw me so i got him in a guillotine...not the best story ever, but figured it was worth mentioning...

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