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Well, I think that IDEALLY (Sp?) the idea is great, however, practically, I don't know if it would work. It sounds good, when you just read it, but for you to get certified instructors to help with the training, who aren't getting anything more then a pat on the back, it will be hard. And furthermore, the dedication on the people who are BEING trained is very important as well, for you to have a class full of a rag-tag bunch would mean very little work being done. (I know this, I've seen it happen, in non-traditional schools - like this one)


I think that if you could get this idea to work, it would be brillant. And if I didn't live in little Lindsay Ontario, I would certainly help out in any way I could. But, since I can't, I won't. Haha. By all means, take your idea, and run with it. The worse that can happen of failure. And I'm sure you already realize, if you are afriad of failure, you shouldn't be doing Martial arts.

Great idea though!


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