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Originally Posted by HawaiianLion
actually what you want to do is eat a lot. you shouldnt starve yourself because that destroys muscle. you want to be eating a lot of protein (baked chicken/salmon/oats) and doing a lot of cardio. protien supplies strength and engergy to your workouts and muscle. also it burns faster than other foods so it will slim you down. stay away from salt tho because it retains water increasing your water weight. cardio 5 times a week at 60% heart rate will put your body in fat burn mode. more than that and its just heart conditioning. go to the sauna once a week for 15-20 minutes. also you should take fish oil pills. they can be bought at any wal-mart or cvs. the oils in it actually makes you lose fat by increasing fat oxidation. keep it up bro and you'll be at your target weight, bro
The Original Poster wondered how to lose weight fast, what you're proposing won't make the person lose weight but gain weight (depending on how much you eat and how big you normally are). The amount of time that the fighter doesn't eat (he shouldn't starve himself because that can slow the metabolism and prevent maximum weight loss) but eats a lot and then a few days before the weigh in, he should start the process of cutting weight (which was mentioned before). Also, I don't buy into that "Fat burning heart rate". If you do more intense cardio, you'll burn more calories which will help you lose more weight.
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