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Mon 2-22: 3.75 mile run, kickboxing at 6.
Edit: Due to schedule changes I had to take the 5:45 karate class so I got done sooner. It was sprint/army crawl/crab crawl drills, that thing where you jump over and then drag yourself under your partner, and some wall kicks, you know the ones, where you hold the kick in chamber and then kick a bunch of times and then hold it in chamber again, and it sucks, then we finished up with wall sits.
tue: rested. legs and butt hurt a lot from Monday and I was kind of sick.
Wed: 3 mile run in the early PM, then from 5:30-8:30 was karate, then MMA combination (15 min jump rope straight, then various drills setting up and executing sweeps from guard and mount, then about 15 min of pad work). Classes like this are why I don't get discouraged if I have an off night. Tonight was not one of them, but even so.
Thur: 3.5 mile run in early PM, judo at 6. Judo was uchikomi drills for seioi nage and o goshi. I had a tough time with the fit for o goshi but it got better as class went along. then we started laying the foundations for further randori, in my sensei's words.
Fri: Boxing and grappling drills in the cage. Super awesome.
Sat & Sun, rested.

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