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workout 1: 10 minute stretching
if you've seen the puder video with the yoga ball throwing knees? did 100 knees alternating legs....made me realize how much i've been neglecting my core with how much the ball was rolling around
finished with two 5 minute rounds on the bag working jab/cross/rear roundhouse to leg and then jab/jab/cross/left hook

workout 2: 1 hour muay thai, mainly working on lunging elbows and knees from the clinch

breakfast: protein shake (20g) (was in a hurry)
snack: handful of almonds, piece of dark chocolate
lunch: a bunch of scrambled eggs, tuna sandwhich on whole wheat
snack: protein shake (50g)+vitamin b6 supplement
dinner: 5 eggs sunny side up, spinach, steamed asperagus(spl?)...and a can of coke, father bought a 12 pack and i caved...felt like shit afterwords for caving and planning on punishing myself with a vigorous workout tommorow.

"Only a warrior can choose pacifism, others are condemned to it."
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