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Axe Murderer from my eyes

Have seen a lot of debate on this fight, also a statement from Bisping that he thinks he "won the fight” Although im sure he accepts defeat, after this I decided to watch the fight again, this time sober!

How I see it


Early on Silva in tentative, Bisping is quick on the feet and Silva is attempting to time any movement he can. Silva's form is noticeably different, somewhat like Rua in his Machida fight. His head movement is much better, showing signs of hope in the future! lol Neither fighter is landing any strikes but Bisping is active with the Jab, while Silva has octagon control and has already started with a vicious low leg kick. Bisping performs a fast well timed takedown but Silva is immediately up. Bisping completes the take down again this time with some nice force applied (slam) although Silva is immediately back up and swinging. Both fighters have now loosened up and are slugging a touch. Bisping is able to trip Silva but he stands up immediately. Silva is upping his aggression and we get our first glimpse of the Axe murderer as he charges forward throwing punches which are a bit straighter then his normal wind milling. Bisping cuts Wandy with a nice right hand strike on his chin, although Wandy is not phased. Silva stuffs 2 of Bispings takedown attempts easily, and finishes very strong with a flurry of punches some landing.

This is a close round, in my own opinion the take downs which were impressive, were not effective at all as Silva stood immediately up and there was no GNP. Silva also stuffed several of these take downs. Octagon control and aggression go to Wandy. Bisping landing jabs, but Silva landing more leg kicks and some more powerful punches.
Silva wins


Pace starts off fast, Silva continues with leg kicks. Bisping is wanting to counter with his own kicks when one is caught and his legs are kicked out from under him! Silva is on top and attempting to tee off on his face, Bisping is doing a good job of avoiding damage and attempts an arm bar but it is quickly shrugged off. Bisping is countering off of his back but Silva has is getting the better and stronger strikes. Silva postures up but Bisping is quick to stand up only to receive and very hard quick while getting to his feet. Both fighters stalk one another but Bisping is really only dancing around Silva and trying to slip in some jabs. He does come through with a nice takedown, he ducks under Wandys punch and gets it down. Bisping ends up with Side control! But sadly is not able to deliver any punishment as Silva is up immediately! At the 30 second mark Silva in noticeably upping the pace to finish strong when Bisping yet again times a great take down only to fall into a TIGHT guillotine. Bisping is saved by the bell as his corner screams to hang on. They try to motivate him by saying he is much more tired than Bisping all the while Bisping is hurting from the submission attempt.

Both fighters are very active striking although Bisping is focusing on his footwork and jab, while Silva is using the low leg kick well and throwing small combos. Silvas take down he was able to maintain and do some good GNP damage. Bisping is not able to do anything with his take down or his side control. He is active from the bottom but is unable to secure any real submission attempt. His last take down was overshadowed by the very close guillotine.
Silva wins


Both fighters come out strong, no signs of gassing either side. Silva lashes out with several unanswered leg kicks, Bisping lands a nice hook, and overall seems to be putting more sauce on his power punches. We have our selves a nice low blow thrown from Bisping, Silva does not delay the fight much. Mike is looking much more comfortable and attempting to throw down but Silva's strength is keeping him ultimately at bay. I am very impressed with Silva’s stance, movement and defense along with his well timed aggression. We have an accidental eye poke against Wandy which slightly delays the fight. Wandy comes out angry, rushing in with his strikes and Mike is on his heels in defense. Silva has lost his form and we see some windmills as he probably smells some blood. With a minute left we see Wandy catch a kick and sweep the leg aggressively with a kick of his own. Mike is back up quickly, he attempts a takedown and is stuffed, his legs are targeted and he is also being pushed backward trying to avoid Wandys rage. Against similar to the first two rounds you can see Wandy looking up at the clock waiting to RAGE and finish the fight strong. He does, and drops Bisping nice (no Bisping wasn’t pulling guard) and follows up with some nice gnp killer instinct. Bisping is essentially finished and or saved by the bell.

Again I think Silva has this round as well. While Bisping was not completely dominated, he was neutralized and ineffective in all of his offensive attempts.

Besides who I think won, I think both fighters really stepped up to the plate here on this one. Bisping did seem to have more force behind his punches, but often was only using the jab. His gameplan was sound and I believe he stuck to it. Showed good wrestling but what I think really needs to improve is his GNP. With his several takedowns he should have been able to punish Wandy from top position and side control. His cardio and footwork are good, chin is decent, anyone would of been out cold from that Hendo shot. Bisping is fighting some of the top dogs finally it will help him improve.

Other then that Silva looks like he has potential, I think his body looks great at this weight, more ripped then Bisping. He did not gas, and that nose surgery can’t hurt his cardio either. His form was different, his movement was fluid. Much more aggressive with his low leg kick then we had seen lately. I think Wandy really had a genuine chance to improve himself and be someone in the division
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