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Originally Posted by attention View Post
IMHO, Wandy has looked the best he has ever looked in the UFC.

He didnt go full bore from the start of each round, he paced himself well.
He took his time, setup his shots...ate a few, but thats his style... he eats some, leaves some openings (drops his hands) and counters.
Boy did he drop his hands in the 3rd, but Bisping wasnt gonna have any of it and stayed very conservative.

He was explosive when necessary and went balls to the wall at end of every round.

Its an old boxing trick that can be used in mma... if the round is pretty even, going all out in the last 10 seconds... even if you dont land the big haymaker... it leaves that last impression with the judges who the aggressor was and who was trying to make it a fight.
Interesting points, and I'll have to agree. It may not have been the Wandy we were all expecting, but I think it was the best one we've seen. It's hard to tell when he's not against a top 5 opponent (which it seems like most of his fights have been against)but I enjoyed the manner in which he held himself in that fight. I thought he was disciplined, and patient. Picking his times to become aggressive.
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