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Originally Posted by illmatic View Post
So there's been a few things brewing in my mind for awhile now. I'm thinking it's time to do the proverbial 'all in' to the fighting thing. I've outgrown Chilliwack and need to commute to Langley to be in a bigger pond. However, a 2 hour commute every evening on top of a job is kind of crippling. On top of that, I'm starting to get the itch to get out of this town and see some more of the world.

So what I'm thinking:
Feb - Keep up usual routine, get burpees going again, start finding time to work on striking endurance on my own time, improve diet (more food, leaner food)

March/April/May - Continue with Feb's routine with 2-3 trips a week to the pro gym in Langley for sparring or better classes. Win fight in Vernon...April 17th I think? (assuming I get opponent) 1 week rest immediately after. Resume training, another fight may 29th (once again assuming opponent works out).

June/July/August - Leave Canada for some better training. At first I was set on Brazil but I'm also considering L.A. Plenty of time to decide but I'll weigh my options out over the coming months.

September and on... - Return to Canada, move to Langley and find a job. Begin training at their pro gym full time. Start pro career, possibly with a drop to middleweight.

Already gave my roommate and boss notice that I'm out in June. I'll keep you guys updated as I weigh the pros and cons of Brazil vs. US. Who knows, I'm not against extending the trip if I were to find work cooking in L.A. or teaching English in Brazil. Shit, maybe both are on the horizon.
Middleweight? Arent you 6´4" ? I have hard time myself imagine at 205 with 6´3" - only with 1 day pre fight weigh-ins..

I wish you best luck with starting pro career.
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