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Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
I suffered a crick in the neck while working out in my Martial arts class,around 1.5 years ago.Over the years, that little injury has compounded into a muscle tear now due to my negligence.The pain has now reached in my neck, shoulders and upper back.While I did take various treatments of physiotherapy, accupressure etc, the pain would always subside.Then just when I thought that all was right and had got back to my practice, the pain would again come back hampering my spirits.Overall, I think my rest period during the treatment was not enough.The max amount of time I took off the exercise as rest was 1 month I think.I stopped working out 3 months ago when I was on a weight training regiment and the pain got worse.

Now, I got an MRI done as I think it's high time I took care of this injury.
Here's what the conclusion of the report is..

"Focal postesior central circumferential annular tear with associated disc protrusion at C5-6 level causing mild impression on thecal sac.

Posterior central dsic protrusion at C4-5 level causing minimal impression on thecal sac.

Para spinal muscle spasm."

Now, Can anyone of you help me as to how should I approach this injury as far as the treatment, rest and exercise is concerned?
It's been close to 3 months since I have stopped working out.Also I have been exploring the Korean accupunture treatment called SuJok Accupunture.Provides relief, but dont know whether it would cure my injury in the long run.
No it wont.

Accupuncture, Accupressure, etc...
These deal with applying pressure/hampering the nerves themselves. ie. they deal with symptom NOT the cause.

The cause is the disk protrusion itself, the side effect being that its pushing in on a nerve bundle.

Anti-inflammatories might help bring the swelling down temporarily... but your disk needs to be repaired by your body.

What needs to happen is that the pressure needs to be taken offa the disk so that it can retract back into its proper place...
Sadly though, your muscles only contract (they dont expand) along your spine, so everytime you exert them, they squish down and push the disk out, causing the bulge.

In most cases the disk will go back in on its own over time.
In some cases, surgery can help... cut the bulge OR fuse the vertebrae apart.

There are professionals that state they can help assist the healing of the disk by creating space between the vertebrae... ie. chiropractors, physiotherapists
Its a hit and miss here too... but at least they are trying to treat the problem as opposed to the symptoms
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