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workout 1: woke up an hour earlier than usual..bout killed me.
20 minutes stretching
30 seconds kettlebell swings (45 pounds)
10 pull ups
20 squats with 75 pounds
50 jumping jacks
15 burpees
25 push ups
1:30 plank

repeated 3 times..was aiming for 5 but just didnt have it in me...

workout 2: hour and a half jiu jitsu, first 15 minutes was stretching and the rest was all free rolling (if you havent figured it out yet, i really dont have a schedule for what art i practice....the bjj/muay thai gym is open 7 days a week and tae kwon do is i go to whichever i choose that day, or not at all depending on how busy i am...

breakfast: 5 eggs
snack: protein shake (20g)
lunch: 2 chicken breasts
snack: protein shake (50g)+vitamin b6 supplement
dinner: about 50 shrimp
snack: handful of almonds

track season starts next monday...kinda nervous!

"Only a warrior can choose pacifism, others are condemned to it."
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