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Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
Hi attention,
The disc is not touching any nerves.There is also no nerve compression or something like that.
I think I would choose surgery as the last option.
Also, when you said the disc will go back in it's own time, how much time are you speculating?
3 months is alot of time... i woulda guessed around 6 weeks... but it always depends on the person/severity/location... In my personal experience it never went back to normal.. but I had 2 herniated disks and they were at my lower back at L4 & L5...

In fact, my symptoms worsened... if your symptoms arent getting more severe, i would be patient and let your body do the healing.

Im no doctor, but I would recommend staying active and eating healthy... medications/therapies are there only to assist your body to heal itself. Aside from meds to ease the symptoms, I would think a healthy diet + cardio health would be useful (light cardio that does not exert the spine... like a spin bike).

I was my worse enemy, I kept trying to live my life like I did prior to my injury which kept causing me to re-injure or aggravate my condition... this is a life changing injury, change your life accordingly... dont make the same mistake I did.

I dont mean to sound all 'guru' to you, this just means you have to adapt your lifestyle... you still get to do stuff, just be very cautious about what you are doing... and integrate things you can do without incident into your daily routine.
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