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workout 1: woke up an hour early to do geometry, then did 10 minutes stretching, followed by five 100 step sprints with a minute rest in between, felt good afterwards

workout 2: hour and 30 minute tae kwon do class going over the angle kick (essentially the muay thai roundhouse), followed by an hour conditioning class immediatly after, which involved 50 death crunches (only going down slightly, coming back up and doing a jab cross, repeat), 30 second rest, 50 leg lifts with 5 pounds of ankle weight, then 30 side sit ups to each side...abs were killing me by this point. after this, my instructor, a black belt, and myself proceeded to stand in a triangle and take turns kicking eachother in the stomach to get breathing and pain tolerance suprised one time by a kick while inhaling and that hurt like a bitch...but fine now, followed up with some tkd sparring drills to counter the turning back kick.

breakfast: 5 eggs
snack: protein shake (50g)
lunch: steak, well done, with some green beans
snack: protein shake (20g)+vitamin b6 supplement
dinner: grilled boneless chickenbreast on wheat bread, a well sized pork chop, and some peas

i have a bad feeling my core is going to be really sore tommorow, and holy shit i have not been kicked like that in a LONG time

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