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Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
Would running cause a problem?
IMHO, anything that is high impact could cause a problem... yeah, I know, that sucks big time... but again, Im no doctor.

In my personal experience with my low back disk issues, any kind of impact triggers it... I once jumped down 4 steps only to have the shooting pain come back... mind you, each person is different, different injury too.

Im completely paranoid now, I stick to low/no impact stuff... swimming, spinning, elipical trainer, and yoga..

I dont do heavy weights on exercises that could potentially compress my the military press, I used to press 130, 140, 150lbs 5-8 reps (i only weigh 165)...
now I will do 70, 80, 90lbs... but do 15-20 reps each.

Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
ALso, how much do you guys think could accupressure and accupunture help me in healing this injury?
I think ZERO... just my humble opinion.

Those wont heal you, they will ease the symptoms... like good meds... but wont do anything to actually get that disk back to its regular spot/shape/consistency.

Ive done both therapies... both needle & needle-free acupunture to help ease my pain. I was on vicodine and percocet for while and needed to take a break from em before I became a junkie.

Those therapies will take the pain away, guaranteed... but it wont heal anything... in fact, it gives you a false sense of security that you are OK and you aint.

As an option for 'pain management' I would give it a thumbs up...but as a healing therapy, nope... not for me at least.
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