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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
On paragraph 1, I gotta disagree. It takes much longer that 3-5 years to become an advanced striker. I would guesstimate closer to 10 to be genuinely advanced. And striking takes way more than 8 months to become versed at on the count of basics, I would estimate a year at least for the average joe.

On paragraph 2, I agree that it takes several years to become an advanced wrestling/jujitsu practitioner. But the basics probably, again take more like a year IMO to become adept for the average joe.

But that doesn't hold for everyone. Some people are intuitive strikers and can find that pinhole in their opponent's guard and sneak in a knockout punch. While some are more adept at at reading body language and movement, and feeling their opponent out in the groundwork sense of the term.

That varies dependant on how a person thinks and relates their thoughts and action/plans in the encounter. The fact is that there are so many variables involved in becoming versed at a martial art that you can't say this will take this long, or that will take that long without qualifing it as your personal opinion, or guess...even if that's how it goes for you.
Of course I base my knowledge off personal experience.

When I say the basics, I mean knowledge of all of them, and application of most of them (for example in BJJ, shrimping and bridging, position before submission and application of the major holds and in kickboxing, keeping your guard up, getting your power from you're core and not your arms and legs, circling and application of the main strikes). To my experience, anyone who is serious about learning and using that stuff can do so in about 8 months. That doesn't mean they can go and KO Hari or Schilt, it means that they would easily out strike your average Joe on the street or a beginner.

Same idea with advanced, I don't mean take on K1 level kickboxers but rather I mean easily take out a person who has about 8 months of training and has the basic principles down.

For grappling, when I say advanced I mean black belt, which on average takes about 10 years.

And honestly for me, I spar with guys who have competed nationally, and although its clear I'm worse, it's not to the same degree a brown belt whips my ass when we roll.

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