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Originally Posted by Qwertty View Post
I think personally after training for a year and a half in muay thai and im on 5 years of boxing now i believe, i would walk away from a street fight even if i had my pride hurt over it. Its just never worth it. Most street fight situations when i was younger you usually end up stopping or winning becuase you or your opponent gas out in seconds. That would never happen to me now, and its very possible that you could seriously injure someone. But for some real advice...

Just kick the crap out of him. Literally, with kicks. Foot jabs, leg kicks, body kicks. You'll eventually frustrate him into becoming wreckless and then youll be able to punch him much easier. then continue with kicks!
^^^Agree. Use thrust kicks, snap kicks to keep him at a distance and tire him out, then dip because once he's gassed he's not a threat to your safety and the fight no longer has a point. That's the best strategy for self-defense.

As a rule street fighting is a no no. No self-respecting martial artist fights outside of the ring/cage. Self-defense or defense of someone who can't defend himself is the only reason. Revenge, or a grudge, is a pitiful reason to fight.

Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Wait this is on the street?

Ok if you meet this guy again don't even think about fighting him fair. Are you nuts? Fair fights are for gyms and friends. If you don't have a weapon with you, find one. This includes anything long hard that you can swing, rocks, anything you could reasonably throw to inflict damage. I guarantee he can't dodge your punches with some dirt/sand/w.e in his eyes. If none of those are viable, you should be going for the balls. People severely underestimate a hard kick to the groin. If you can get a hold of him, tackle him, trip him, get him to the ground you can start gouging his eyes. Or if you can get him on the ground with you standing, soccer kicks and stomps are extremely effective. And hey, he goes to get up don't be afraid to throw in a couple knees.
What kind of advice is that? Gouge out his eyes!? What the hell! Knock him down, quickly incapacitate him, and run the hell away. That is what you do in a street fight. Anything else is conjecture and honestly, a person willing to gouge out a man's eyes when its not completely and utterly necessary is not a man I want to know, because I can't respect him.

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