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Burpees (5x3 minute rounds, 1 min rest)
1 - 38
2 - 27
3 - 23
4 - 20
5 - 20
Total - 128

First burpees in a long time. Seems a bit high... I don't know if I miscounted but I'm pretty sure I got it right. I started busting them out real fast in the first round but that didn't last long. This was my first time doing them at the MMA gym right before class and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy.


Missed warm up for class as I sat there snacking and drinking and trying to get motion in my arms and legs back. Technique was taking back from turtle, armbar/escapes. Did average in guard passes.

Advanced class technique was all with trapping the arm in an overhook and gripping their collar. First was getting that grip. Then we learned the loop choke which is just your free hand reaching behind their neck, thumb in collar, bring elbow over their head and across neck. Works decently. Then we learned a sweep from the overhook, hip escape to the side with the over hook, causing them to lean out, top foot goes on the inside of their leg near the groin, bottom leg kicks their supporting knee out as you sweep. Then we learned a submission for when they try to free the trapped arm.

In rolling I did pretty good. Had a good battle with the purple that I beat on monday, he took me into my guard where we batltled for girps for awhile, broke guard, caught him in half guard, then eventually bridge and rolled into his half guard, then into his side control. Dominated a few white belts...arm bar, ezekiel. Had a lame positional battle with a blue that was me stuck in his half guard for most of class. Good day. Muay Thai/MMA tomorrow.
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