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Mon: kickboxing
Tue: 2 mile run, 1st Shotokan class (awesome), kata class.
Wed: bo kata (My bo is heavy so when I do them like I mean them, I sweat), slide kick drills, MMA combination class which was all over the place and very demanding.
Thur: Judo at 6. This week is turning out to be a washout for running. FAIL! Judo was just uchikomi (I'm only allowed just past the fit for seioi nage) and listening to the instructor talk to the new guy a lot......uuuuhhhhhhhhh. I know I'm not supposed to roll my eyes, but I wanted to work more.
Fri: rested, iced painful Achilles a lot.
Sat: Judo (a lot of uchikomi) and some randori. I only have seioi nage, o goshi, and o soto gari atm. Karate was the usual kicking drills, then kata.

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