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Hey, thanks for the advice. I'll try it out tomorrow before going to work.

Wednesday. Ate like a fatty, pancakes for breakfast, bolo...gna...gona (**** it, the everything smashed together meat) sandwich for lunch. And Lasania (**** I am having a shitty spelling day) for dinner.

Spent about two hours doing a decent workout. Trying to build back up some endurance, hoping to be able to stay steady in a workout for around 3 hours by late April/early June.

Did 20 minute of HIIT on the tread, incline 5, which doesn't mean anything since every treadmill has a different measurement for each incline...though I think its around 1/2an inch per setting...gotta research that one.

After the HIIT, went downstairs and did about 45 minutes of Heian Shodan 1 (Shotokan Kata) decided not to keep doing Jion for now after I did some further research and discerned it was a Black Belt kata.

After failing miserably to remember anything past step 7 of the kata, I went on to rolling and GnP with the heavy bag. Did that for the next...around hour.

Slammed down a protein shake, and a 20oz of green tea afterwards. Went to have another bottle, but my grandma yelled at me for not drinking enough water, gotta love it when she supports me like I asked (that's not sarcastic like it sounds)

For today...ate 2 eggs, toast and hashbrowns for breakfast, then some crackers and PB for lunch. Think Grandma said it was pizza tonight, gonna try for something simple like just cheese and try and lessen the cal intake.
[Edit-Nope not pizza, she wanted to kill the leftovers first. So I got to eat bits and pieces of all the shit that's been killing my shape for the better part of a month, YEAH!]

Today I didn't do a HIIT on the tread, just ran 2 miles...first time I've done that since training for the Corps. Though I wanted to die afterwards and it was only a jog, my cardiovascular endurance is rediculous at this point.

Went into the basement for a heavy bag session, but ended up focusing on the Heian Shodan Kata. I finaly got Heian Shodan 1 down...(yup, just went over 'er in my head)gonna spend another week working on just the first bit before moving on to the second part of the Kata.

What I did actually do on the bag was, worked on head movement and arm placement during punches/kicks. I threw a combination and my lead arm dropped to my hip, I think it only happened that one ever...but I wanted to be sure. I also worked on some counter-kihons that I hope will work when I get some sparring in, hopefully next week or the week after, but they'll probably be really sloppy(or won't even work)at this point.

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