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Thursday I got called in to teach class! That was a different experience. Taught womens kickboxing and muay thai because Kultar is in Mexico. Got a bit of a workout myself.

Friday MMA class. Warm up, passing guard into side control, trapping outside arm and spinning around to sink an arm triangle. Guard passes and rolling. Was dominant but didn't have very tough opponenents.

My left rotator cuff appears to be damaged, it hurts all day but once I get going in training it feels fine. Weird. My right elbow is aching again, and I just hurt my knee a bit in rolling today, though it feels okay now. Due to outside stresses my sleep has been a goddamn mess and I've contracted a brutal cold. I've been trying out some prescription sleep aids that seems to be helping me even out now. Now I just need to get a doctor and an actual prescription for them. Still in a weird headspace right now but things will clear up, I'll win these next fights and I'll get out of this bad environment.

BJJ tomorrow and lifting with whatever doesn't hurt.
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