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Pretty good for just starting in December.

Few things I picked up on this:

- Try to keep your elbows in a bit more.
- After you a lead straight or hook, you drop your hand before you bring it back to your face.
- Hop on your knees even if only throwing on one leg, practice switch-stepping and using both knees.
- More head movement, slip or duck coming into, during, or after every few combos.
- Don't just throw kicks, elbows, and knees individually. Use them to end combos.
- You have a tendency to pump your hands up and down, and then stop right before you attack. This is a tell, kinda like how I used to tap my gloves together and then stop before I threw, it tells your opponent what you are going to fo. Try to either not pump your hands as much, or never stop pumping your hands.
- Turn your foot during the kick, not before. Turning before tells your opponent your throwing a kick, and it also causes loss of power, balance, and is more prone to injury.
- Mix up levels of your kicks and knees, throw to the head, body, and legs.
- Incorporate more body shots, at the amateur level (and professional although not to the same degree), body shots can be more devastating than head shots. They are less expected and many fighters in the local circuit don't have the muscles built up to sustain a clean body shot. I usually either put a body shot in the middle of the combo, or fake a jab straight into a quick body cross or hook.
- Keep a faster pace, even when training. When stalling between combos, throw a kick or jab to keep the opponent busy and not get overwhelmed if they are aggressive and set a fast pace. Not to mention it's a better workout with more constant movement.
- Lastly, get into the habbit of finishing your combos with a power shot. I almost always finish combos with a hook, elbow, or knee.

The most important thing is developing a style that works to your strengths. I am very fast and well conditioned, however I lack in power, so I stay aggressive and push the pace. It may be different for you, you have to realize what you do well and mold your game to fit it.
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