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Originally Posted by The Don
no not that.. They can see me... I am all over your myspace page
Besides I know your mine and I am yours.. You and me and me and you no matter how they toss the dice it had to be.. Umm ok I'll stop now...
You're worried about the tiny thumbnails of you in my friends list and comment area?
So they'll be able to see a tiny pic of you holding our son, big deal. You can't even see our son's face so no worries there, so... what are you afraid of? lol
Also, they won't be able to see any pics of me at all unless they're members... my main pic isn't me, mine are in the pic section which they can't access. From what I know, only the admin and that doubleleg kid saw my pics in the gallery, and doubleleg said that I looked like a witch . So tell me, how does one 'look' like a witch??

Póg mo thóin.
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