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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
I call bullshit. If its you versus a guy, one on one in the street, you wouldn't do one thing you claim you would. Blind him? Take away is ability to reproduce? Cripple him? Take his life? You're chocked full of crap aren't you? That kinda sucks man. I agreed with you on about everything else I've ever read (which you care nothing about, but just saying, sucks for me). And if its versus him and a group, thank god you've got a fighter's cardio, run like a bitch so you don't get curb stomped!

Groin kicks I agree with, that's a given. But you are gonna sit there and say, you would take the time to break a limb or tear out an eyeball, or actually kill someone when you could just keep distance and run away? I guarantee that's BS.

This is all considering he doesn't have a knife, in that case, run for your life, nothing is worth fighting a knife wielding looney-toon. In the case of a gun...beg for mercy or give him what he wants...pride isn't worth dying for.
I think he means if he is seriously threatened he isnt going to hold anything back... i dont think he means ANY fight hes in hes gonna rip someone balls off and poke out their eyes just for the fun of it. I do agree with running when possible though
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