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fighting on the streets is stupid man don't do it if i get in a fight on the street you ended it as fast as you can fighting dirty. kick in dont the balls thumb in the eyes etc because when your on the street you never know what's going to happen he could pull a knife one of his friends could jump in. its too dangerous and not worth the risk.

however if you are determined to do it then lean how to throw a front kick accurately and quickly . use it as a stop kick when he starts to come in stick it right in his stomach be sure not to telegraph it our else he will over commit. I am usually not one to be an ass hole but if you want to you can taunt him and when he gets aggravated and after you hit him with a few front kicks he will over commit that is when you duck and shoot for the takedown and ground and pound.

not exactly the way i would do it but thats the way i think you should fight it. However i strongly advise that you don't fight on the street period.

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