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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
You'd be wrong. I would do any of those things to survive a fight. I've been in combat sports for over 10 years, I probably wouldn't need to do many of those things unless put into certain situations.

I have kicked dudes in the balls and I've been tackled to the ground once and I put my fingers all sorts of ways into his eyes. Nothing I've said has been crap, fighting fair is for friends, real fighting is for your life. And all the things I've said are very effective and they are things anyone can do, which is why these are common self defense techniques taught to women.

Well if everyone thought the same way the world would be a boring place.

Well I guess I'll eat crow on this one. I wasn't thinking of a genuine survival situation, my interpretation was just a random d-bag with no training/willingness to make the fight go long. Or the skills to take someone down and actually do something there. In a situation where life and death are involved, that aniumal instinct kicks in and gouging at the eyes becomes a logical option...

I've never thumbed or scratched at the eyes, mostly because my street-fighting experience is rather limited to only a few situations(usually against a drunken idiot). But in each situation I did keep my opponent back/evaded until he gassed and quit, or I put him down quickly and ran if the first option wasn't cutting it.

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