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Well personally I use Maximuscle [they sponsor Paul Daley and a few Rugby teams, among others]. I only use Promax and Promax diet though which are purely for cutting weight and is high in Protein. Protein, as im sure you know, is essential for muscle recovery and growth, you need a hell of a lot of it that generally you wont get in your daily diet unless you're eating a ton of eggs and grilled chicken. So the likes of promax covers numbers 1 and 4 there. For joint recovery I'd say just take an ice bath and/or massage, gets rid of that lactic acid that builds up. There's plenty of product though, Mazimuscle do Ache Free and Viper, among others. I'd say if you're going to go on supplements think A. What exactly do I want and B. What brand. I chose Maximuscle cause they're well known and endorsed, any of the more dodgy companies can get past medical boards and you never know whats in their shakes half the time.

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