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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Ok first off I have no idea what all is required at this place. I heard about the place from an acquaintance and got a brochure. I'm showing up with some cash and in workout clothes and going from there.

Questions: (im asking in your experience, obviously no 2 gyms can be the exact same)

1. What do you guys tend to do at your gyms?

2. Can dudes grapple with girls?

3. Do you get sweat on a lot while on the ground?

4. Is there a gayness factor? Not trying to be insulting/offensive but are there some typical criteria to follow when im on my back and a dudes on top of me?

5. Is it weird to start, or will I become acquainted with guys being in these positions with me?

Also im not a homophobe, I have gay friends and I've even kissed a dude (it was for a goddamn good reason now stfu) but I was sexually molested when I was a kid by a dude so that might come into play.
Wow thats a lot of info at the end there, thanks for sharing.
In answer to your query.

1. Where I train at we start off with some hip escapes and other warm-ups for about the first half hour or so. Then some techniques then the last hour or so its "open mat".

2. Yes but most girls where I train at rarly come. We have one blue belt and getting triangled by her is actually fun. The last thing you smell is her sweet sweaty crotch before you pass out. JK

3. I sweat profusely so my head is always drenched. But a fast swipe with my sleeve and its ok.

4. Its only gay if ya look em in the eye.

5. Only if ya was a complete noob to mma or bjj. It was natural for me. But I get smoked by all the blue belts and half the white belts any ways


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