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Feelin' alright abouts meself. Didn't eat too grotesquely(i wonder if thats even close) over the past two days. Had nothing really for breakfast, didn't have an appetite. Made a PB sandwich for lunch with an orange and some Green Tea for work. Once I got home I ate a piece of fish and some hashbrowns, with green beans. Then I went out with my friends...ate a burger at a restaraunt...DAMN!

For the workout I did a lot of Heian Shodan 1. I seem unsatisfied with my progress even though I plan to begin 2 on Wednesday when I buy myself another 5ftx10ft mat. I also added another new feature, a tennis ball hanging from a rope from the ceiling...I have a terrible problem with depth perception without my glasses...haven't bought contacts or started saving for Lasik( probably wrong too)surgery. And with the tennis ball on a string I'm able to work on my percieved distance with punches and kicks, as well as body/head movement on the ball's its appearing to be worth the 5 bucks for balls and cord. Other than that I whacked the bag a while, mostly kicks and a few combinations, but it wasn't the focus of the day's workout.

Today, I again didn't have an appetite in the morning, had a glass of milk and another of water though, just to get something in my stomach. Had another PB sandwich for lunch, this time with crackers, and orange and a Green Tea, however I also drank a mtn dew while at work. I had Keubasa(again rediculously bad spelling on my part)on bread with hashbrowns(gma loves to cook 'em)and green beans. I also slugged a protein shake after the workout that follows:

I went downstairs again, more Heian Shodan 1.

Did some Tabata on the bag:
4x80 vertical punchs (30 seconds per set)
Followed by the same with combinations:
jab-cross-hook-cross, jab-jab-cross-hook, jab-cross-jab-cross, jab-cross-backfist-cross

Finished with more depth perception with the tennis ball. I think my distancing is getting to where the normal SOB's is...maybe another month and I'll be secure with my own ability.
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